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Directly index and search your S3 data lake.
Scanner directly indexes log files in your S3 data lake. There’s no need to transform logs to fit a strict schema. Search through terabytes of logs in seconds, at a tenth of the cost.


No need to build another log ETL pipeline

Just give Scanner read permission to your S3 data lake, and we will index your data directly in its existing format. No schema transformations required. Handles common data lake formats: JSON, CSV, Parquet, Avro, and more.

Find the needle in a multi-terabyte haystack

Get search results in seconds, even if you're searching for a single IP address across a year of logs. By default, indexes are retained for one year.

Detection rules and alerting

Hundreds of out-of-the-box detection rules for common security logs, like AWS CloudTrail. Send alerts to Slack, PagerDuty, and custom webhooks. Coming soon!

Get started in minutes

Scanner simply needs read permissions to your S3 buckets and S3 object notifications in SQS. Launch our CloudFormation template to get started right away.



At our prior company, our logging scaled rapidly.

We didn't want to spend an additional $1M per year on traditional logging tools. So we threw away logs more than a few hours old, which made debugging super painful.

That’s why we built Scanner. It should be possible to store logs at massive scale and low cost without sacrificing speed.

Cliff Crosland
Steven Wu

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