At Scanner, we're committed to building the best tools in the world for teams to search and query through enormous piles of data. Whether you're debugging a distributed system, or monitoring a sprawling backend deployment for security risks, so many problems that modern engineering teams face are ultimately about sifting through giant haystacks in search of small but valuable needles.
Scanner provides a magical user experience with ⚡ fast queries, allowing teams to manage massive data sets with far more ease than they can with existing tools.
Scanner team
The Team & Company
Magical things happen at startups with less than 10 people, and each individual team member has a massive impact on the business. People that come to work at Scanner love working on challenging problems in a pragmatic way allowing us to move fast and ship quality products to our customers at lightning fast speed.
We may not have colorful bikes or scooters onsite, but our team loves taking walking 1:1s to brainstorm new product features for customers (or grab boba 🧋). We also don't have any ping pong tables, but if we did we'd probably be sitting around them dunking something tasty in Zhong sauce, sharing sushi, and/or a bottle of wine together.
We value our time together in our San Francisco and Sunnyvale co-working offices - the relationships that it builds, the creativity it brings to the table, and the collaboration of being together.
That said, we operate as a hybrid workplace to ensure our team can work in a way that best suits them. Our team gathers together one day a week, usually on Tuesdays, in our San Francisco office.