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Senior Backend/Infrastructure Engineer
We're looking for a Senior Backend/Infrastructure Engineer to join our founding team of 6 working directly with our CEO (an engineer), CTO (also an engineer 😉), founding engineering team, and our super-talented designer (who can also code 🎉 ) on creating high quality products with great UX in record time. A strong candidate will have:
  • Specific familiarity in one or more systems languages like Rust, C/C++, GO, and/or Swift.
  • General familiarity with databases, database internals, distributed systems, data pipelines/warehouses.
  • Bonus points for familiarity with one or more "esoteric" languages such as Haskell, Scala, and/or Clojure.
Our Tech Stack
Talented engineers can pick up new languages and frameworks quickly. Here’s what our tech stack looks like today, but if you come with a better way of doing things we’re flexible and committed to building the best tools for our customers no matter what!
  • We use Rust throughout the backend, giving us extremely fast performance with strong security guarantees.
  • Our frontend is written using Svelte and TypeScript. We leverage websockets to give users high speed interactivity with their log data.
  • Our query system leverages highly burstable compute provided by serverless components like Amazon Lambdas and SQS. Queries are coordinated using Elasticache Redis clusters.,
  • We use S3 to store logs at scale and DynamoDB to store metadata.
  • Our log ingestion API servers run in Kubernetes clusters managed in Amazon EKS.
  • We use infrastructure-as-code tools like Pulumi to manage our deployments and cloud infrastructure.
If you're interested in joining Scanner, please send us your LinkedIn, resume, and/or Github at